Meet The Team




Director of Atelier Pakenham and Creator of La Folie Australia’s first Aerial Silks competition.

After giving birth to her son 9 years ago and being told to do some exercise to help build her core strength back up, she found her passion for aerial dance.
Then took that passion to the next level by building a studio she herself would be happy to train in.

Fun fact: Casey is a trained Bricklayer.



Meet Diane!

Diane is our incredible Head Aerial Silks Instructor.

She has been training and teaching Aerial Silks for 6 years with a background in Pole Dance, Burlesque and Ballet.

Fun Fact: Diane has had the same magical endless bottle of Frangelico for 6 years!



Meet Leah!

Leah is one of Atelier’s aerial silks instructors. Leah joined Atelier in 2017 and became part of the Atelier instructor team earlier this year. Leah is very passionate about aerial silks and performing. She teaches our beginner and junior silks classes.

Fun Fact: Leah is from Ireland and works as a lawyer in the disability insurance sector

Meet Tiffany!

Tiffany is our Head Aerial Hoop and Atelier Dance Instructor

Tiffany has spent most of her time in the air for the past 5 years!
The joy she gets when teaching is like no other feeling and it has become her absolute joy in life to see students grow to become the best they can be.
Tiffany hopes to share this love with everyone that comes into the studio.

Fun fact: Supernatural obsessed and Loves all kinds of cheeses!




Sandy is a Pole instructor, Performer, and Competitor, and has been poling since 2013. Sandy teaches beginner pole all the way through to Elite. She has a passion for coaching others, with a strong focus on dynamic tricks and technique.

Fun fact: Sandy is quite the handy (wo)man!
She loves building furniture and other DIY projects.



Meet Emily McGrath!

From an early stage she has been sashaying, twirling and glimmering around on the stage. With a background in tap, jazz, ballet and Burlesque she loves to share the knowledge she loves with her students.

Fun Fact: She produces a Burlesque show called Burlesque with attitude and has her Theatrical Certificate!